Saturday, March 17, 2012


There is so much to catch up on. So much I've wanted to blog about but everyday have decided against it. In my best effort to keep with that decision I will skip alot and just talk about what's going on now.
We are 2 weeks out from meeting our little girl. Unless of course she decides to come early! We are done with the nursery and everything I can think of that needs to be done before her arrival. The car is packed and the car seat is in. Spring break was a great time to get all the last minute stuff done. My mom came and helped and that was fabulous! I can't wait for her return when Aubree is born. Everything is looking good on the diabetes side of things. Still maintaining it with diet, though I do always have one bad number a week :/. As far as a the blood clot, that has been interesting. I'm going to skip a lot and just tell what will happen from here. I still have to go every week for an ultrasound to make sure it hasn't moved. About 12-24 hours after delivery (as long as I don't have to have c-section) I will begin anticoagulant therapy and start taking some pills. Basically I will have to have shots in my stomach for a few weeks. They will teach me how to do this myself. Hopefully I can manage it! This all will happen for 12 weeks after delivery.  I will still have to go for ultrasounds that whole time too. Thank God for insurance! Then I will never be allowed on birth control or any type of estrogen again! Haha! Lord help! We'll see how those appointments work out with a newborn. The whole process is an hour!
I'm anxious, nervous, but mainly JUST READY for delivery and holding her for the first time. I often wake up wondering what she will look like and what her personality will be. I can't believe the time is near. It seems like I've been pregnant forever and then at the same time sometimes it still doesn't feel real at all!
I have a list of food items I want to devour after delivery. Things I've been missing out on. It really has been a good thing though! I have barely gained any weight and at my last appointment (Wednesday) I actually lost 4 pounds. I hope I can get down lower than what I was before with breastfeeding and continuing to eat well. (After I have some of the items on my list that is!)
Pre-labor stuff....I have had several off and on contractions some that stop me dead in my tracks. I've been having a ton of lower back pain, which I noticed the moment she dropped. She is definietly down and ready! Lost my plug (sorry if that is TMI). I think that is about it. I go this coming up Wednesday where she will scan me and check for a more accurate weight and then her fluid level. I posted on facebook (big mistake) about her wanting to possibly induce on the 28th. This scan will help her better make a decision to see if it is medically necessary. I am not inducing unless she deems it medically necessary, she knows that. I am not in fear, I know the risks and the benefits, but I am a gestational diabete who does have a blood clot in her leg so I am considered high risk. Enough said.
In closing I'll leave you with some pictures of her nursery. All the empty frames are waiting to be filled with her newborn pictures and a few pictures of her mommy and daddy!

Stay tuned for posts on delivery and life with our princess (also A. Snell)!


Jenny said...

I'm sorry you're having to do all those things and go through that pain. What will u do about birth control?? Can't wait to meet your sweet angel girl!

Mrs. Walker said...

I'm sorry you're having to deal with so much. But when sweet little Aubree arrives and you hold her in your arms the first time, all this stuff now will quickly become a distant memory. I'm looking forward to reading and hearing more about your adventures in become a mother. I think you're awesome, Ashley. (I still remember taking pictures of your engagement ring on the Christmas tree at McKenzie. :)

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