Tuesday, June 12, 2012

2 months

At two months of age Aubree Kate weighs almost 12 lbs. She loves to kick her feet on the couch, activity mat, your stomach, wherever she can. She really hates tummy time. She sleeps in her own room and sleeps from 10-6ish. She smiles, laughs, and talks. She knows when her diaper is getting changed it's time to have a conversation. She looks at you with her mouth open and ready to tell you how her day is going, she just waits for you to ask. She has had her first sickness where her fever reached 104 and she was not a happy baby. She has been kept by her grandma (name still in progress), her mimi, her Auntie E, and Miss Jill. She loves being outside, the breeze is so relaxing to her. She follows you as you walk around her and is really interested in new faces and noises. She occassionally fussy mainly just when her tummy hurts (who can blame her!)
She is growing up so fast! We are so in love and so blessed!


Jenny said...

Aubree Kate is precious! Time flies! Can't believe I will be writing Kennedy Kate's 17 month post this month. WOW!

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