Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Moses, Exodus 3

Have you ever really stopped to think about Moses and the burning bush? FREAKY!
God spoke to Moses from an unexpected source. Leads me to believe that God may use unexpected sources when communicating to us too. Likelyhood of it being a burning bush, not so much, but, people, thoughts, experiences, etc...I believe as christians we have to be willing to investigate, and be open to God's surprises!

When God told Moses to lead the Israelistes out of Eygpt I believe he felt inadequate. He made excuses (naturally). He was inadequate by himself. But God didn't ask him to do the work alone. As my dad always says...God doesn't call the qualified, he qualifies the called. So yes God may call us to tasks that seem to difficult, but he never asks us to do them alone. Challenge for myself and you Don't hide behind our inadequacies, let's look beyond ourselves. Then we can allow God to use our unique contributions!

What do you feel inadequate about? How can I pray for you or challenge you?

Since I've already talked about him the words of my dad after every sermon "Go and be the church"



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