Tuesday, July 12, 2011

An odd day

Yesterday was so weird! Everything (Bible study and lunch) was wonderful...things changed after lunch. I went to the grocery store where many odd events took place. First, I went shopping in the complete opposite direction. I started on the health and beauty side of the store. NEVER do that. Not that it matters, just saying. I found myself barely able to finish the trip due to an all the sudden case of exhaustion! While in the checkout line my bill ran up to 98.00. No big deal until I tried handing the lady a 20 and was convinced in my mind that it was a 100. She looked at me like I was insane and I apologized a million times. Left and started to load things in my car when this man got out of his and without missing I beat I asked him to help me. WHAT?!?!?! Never have I done that, but I couldn't lift for some reason. Drove home and was forced to unload them myself, as I was the only one home. Unloaded and cleaned for dinner guests. But all I wanted to do the whole time was sleep. My eyes kept closing but no time to sleep. I had to leave my house at 4 for a meeting at school with my new teammates (which was wonderful). However, while there I yawned a hundred times and felt completely rude. At some point our conversations it got better. At 6 I left because our company would arrive at 6:30, I wasn't worried though because Ryan was going to start cooking and I had previously had the stuff ready to go. BUT I called him on my way home and he was just leaving the office! OH NO! Cody and Alisha would arrive in 15 minutes, neither of us were home yet, and nothing was prepared. I wasn't mad at Ryan, I understand his work load, but for some reason I just starting crying! HARD! My very symphatetic husband was like are you okay and all I could say was I'm just exhausted. All I can think about is going to sleep. He asked if I wanted to cancel and of course I said No. 10 minutes of crying seemed to cure all for awhile. But it was the weirdest thing. It's summer I have no reason to be that tired, I didn't do anything but study God's word, eat lunch, and grocery shop. I do that all the time. I come home from field day with more energy than that. It was a weird unexplainable day for sure!

Oh: Dinner was wonderful and I perked up!


Alyson said...

Are you preggo, Mrs. Snell?!?

Jenny C said...

Im with Alyson! Are you Pregnant? Maybe you just didn't have enough water? My first symptoms were napping and cramping :)

Ashley Snell said...

No, I don't thinks so girls. Probably just an odd day!

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