Wednesday, November 23, 2011


There are so many things I am thankful for. I have been blessed beyond what I deserve in so many ways. One of my biggest fears came true yesterday...being in a wreck while pregnant. Not that I don't fear being in one alone or with other people, but when you're carrying a sweet innocent child it makes things a little different. They say most wrecks happen within 15 miles of your home. I can attest to that...1 mile! I was leaving AMM Collision center, kind of ironic don't ya think! I was paying for Ryan's truck that was having some work done. I didn't plan to stop by there which makes me wonder...most of the time I think if I chose a different path it could be God's way of saving me from something potentially harmful..I've never really thought of going the opposite way: deciding to do something at the last minute could put you in a potentially harmful situtation. Anyways, like I said it was a last minute decision to stop by there. Turns out I couldn't even pay for it so it was a wasted trip! As I was pulling out I looked both ways and no one was coming at all for as far as I could see. I pulled out, all was well. I was going to turn on the road the leads to my street. I had been stopped for a good 30 seconds with my left hand blinker on, in my new BIG BLACK SUV. I looked in the rear view mirror.still. nobody. in. sight. I continue to wait for my turn to turn and WHAM! I didn't even see the girl coming. I didn't know what happened. Literally no one was around. I pull off the road as her cars continues up the grass almost landing on highway 35. Going a little fast? YES SHE WAS! She immediately jumps out."I'm so sorry I didn't even see you" In shock I was thinking seriously how to do you miss that? I'd been sitting there forever. Turns out she was on her phone GO FIGURE. When she saw I was pregnant, shaking, and crying at that point she really began freaking out. She went and got in her car and sat there on the phone???? Not sure what that was about! I tried 911 3 times and could never get a connection?? What the heck! Luckily as she got out I figured out why she was on her phone and a cop came to the rescue. Apparently she has 2 speeding tickets and caused another wreck a couple of weeks ago. She was trying to hand me her license and insurance and get the heck out of dodge. She was crying saying I gotta get out of here I can't get another ticket or they will take my license away. Here is my stuff I promise I'll pay....UHHHHH I was standing there in shock. Praise God at that time a cop just happened to drive by and stop! Umm hello dumb girl maybe your stuff needs to be taken away, just sayin'!
A bunch of paperwork later, a check by the ambulance, Ryan showing up...we finally went home.
I decided to call my doctor and let her know what happened. She told me I needed to try and get Aubree to move so to drink a sugary drink, eat some candy...and call her back in 2 hours if she hadn't. I did all of that and wait over two hours. I called her movement. I went in to be safe and all was well! Scary moment! I didn't want to be paranoid but I also didn't want to worry all day if everything was okay or not. I am so very thankful all is well.
My poor new car that doesn't even have the license plates in...will be okay after spending some time receiving TLC at AMM Collision where I was leaving in the first place!

We have so much to be thankful for this holiday season: Aubree, health, wealth, house, cars, family, friends, church, jobs, food, clothes, LIFE!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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