Monday, May 27, 2013

Coconut Oil

If you don't know about this product...

It is amazing for so many reasons! I use it as my moisturizer, skin care, hair care, and to shave with! The possibilities are endless. I use it in the shower all over (plus as my shaving cream) and it leaves my skin feeling so AMAZING. If I feel I want a little more moisture I lather it on as my lotion (it is a little oil at first but dries quickly). If my hair is in need of a little oil treatment I rub it all in my hair, throw on a shower cap for 30 mins, wash out and repeat in a couple of weeks! Now, after researching, I also use it as my face wash. I use it in the morning either just in the sink or shower and it acts as my moisturizer before make-up. And then again at night, however, I still use Aveeno to get my make-up off, but then I mix the coconut oil with baking soda until it makes a paste, rub that all over and wipe with a warm rag! I'm telling you this is a versatile product (you can even cook with it and it's much healthier), money saver, and so good for your body!

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