Thursday, June 6, 2013

What's for dinner

When you can't sleep and have to walk around a lot...why not cook?!?!?!
Tonight we will be having a pork roast with veggies! Yum! I'm no Chef, or Pioneer Woman... but here is what I did step by step. If you need a fast, low prep, crock pot meal here ya go!
Pick your roast

 I put sea salt and ground pepper on just about everything, but the star of this meal  will be the bock and brown sugar mix, compliments of HEB

I choose an onion, carrots, and new potatoes

Wash and dry your potatoes

Slice onion and potatoes and place on the bottom (this will help the roast out)

Sprinkle Sea Salt

Ground Pepper...

Looks good to me

Get meat ready...

A little drizzle of Olive oil on each piece of meat

Coarse sea salt works best for rubs...

Use sparingly

A little more pepper

Place roast on top of onions and potatoes

Prep carrots

Slice em' up

Add to the top and sides of the roast

Yes Please

Pour the whole bottle 

I added a little water to the bottle and poured again, then added a little more salt and pepper

8 hours on low


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