Sunday, June 2, 2013

A day of Crafting

It's no secret, if you know me that is, that I love to craft. However, I also hate to! Ha! Weird I know! My mind is always filled with the want to's and desire to's, but the reality is I'm limited on time to's! I get frustrated and go through stages where I want to sell it all. I look at etsy and pinterest and think "Why didn't I think of that". So while I love it, I also hate it! I want to come up with something original not just use what other people have done and have so freely shared. I want to be able to give a free tutorial on something that will help others as so many others have done for me. But since I haven't yet here are other's free tutorials that I spent all day doing for some sweet friends of mine.

First, monthly onesies! This was my favorite thing to do Aubree's first year of life. Take monthly pictures! I then used them at her first birthday as a banner. It was so awesome to see her growth. HOWEVER, I learned with the stickers, around month 5, that they were so much fun to pull off by Aubree herself, that I barely was able to get a decent picture because of the constant sticker fight! But during that time I wasn't really surfing pinterest to come up with THIS amazing tutorial! For the next child...I will be making my self some of these. For now I made them as gifts!

The growth chart idea came from here....
2 boy sets, 1 girl...forgot to snap the final of the boys


Final product for Melina
The start of growth charts

Baby Luke

Baby Jackson Luke Fletcher

There are two Mize babies so I did the measurements on both sides

I just realized I was not consistent with picture taking and there are not any picture of the boys!


Kelly, Craig, and Charlie said...

So cute! I may have to borrow these ideas :) Thanks for sharing.

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