Monday, February 28, 2011

A week and a couple of days late!

Not this recent past weekend, but the one before that...

We had a wonderful weekend with the Mallonee's! Ryan and I traveled down I35 to Fort Worth, Texas on Friday. We joined up with Laura and Chris at the Miranda Lamber concert. I LOVE HER! She is amazing live! Other than the back to back crowds of people it was fabulous! She is very entertaining and I love all her songs. I didn't want to carry a camera so this is the only one I got of the whole night on my phone :(.

We spent the night at a very nice hotel in Downtown Ft. Worth for super cheap thanks to priceline!

After a decent nights rest we got up to head to my family's house! My sweet cousins Brandon and Kelli Moffett delivered their first born on Monday, Feb. 14th! Sienna Nicole is absolutely precious!

I am so happy for all friends and family who have had babies recently! Congrats to all. I have enjoyed holding and loving all of them!

Sienna and me!


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