Sunday, March 27, 2011

Life lately

1.) I lost two more pounds!

2.) I have been sewing like crazy and l love it! I am hoping to start making a little bit of side money doing it! I take classes at The Shops Above Memory Lane. We stay up late, but it's worth it!
Recent Projects:
 Blanket made out of Minky super soft and personalized...guess how much they sell for at the store...$80.00!
Bird pillow, not finished
 Owl Pillow
 Personalized onesie
More personalized-for sisters!

3.) I ran my first 10K, actually my first race ever today! It was so much fun! I am for sure feeling it, but it was worth it. My husband, Britt, Brent, Alisha, Cody, all of Alisha's family, Claire and Jeremy soon to be Davis, and I am sure many more all ran it as well! It was great to have so many people!

4.) I have been reading through Genesis and doing a devotional on my phone. 21 days to form or break a habit! I'm on my way with my quiet times and running!

5.) I am loving talking to my nephew. He loves to call me now. "Meme call Ashwey" "Ashwey when you come see me? I miss you Ashwey" "Wanna come to my house Ashwey? Can you take me to the playground?" "Why you at home? Come over!"

Haha! I love it! His personality is really starting to shine!


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