Tuesday, April 5, 2011

1.) Very interesting 2.) Need your help

1.It says on my stats that 81 people have viewed my last posting. 8 followers and 3 comments, something is off :)!

Just teasing one day my track record will be back up!

I need help picking a name for my "stuff" onesies and such. Please comment with an awesome suggestion!!! The winner will receive a sonic gift card!!!!


Dina Holman said...

Ashley Snell Creations

A. Snell Creation

Made with love by Ashley

I don't know, I hope these help.

laura said...

A Snell's Place
(then if you ever do get a store front, it's a built in name! Think big now!)

I dunno... But I love the onsies! I've been seeing them and looking at them for all of our new kids, but I think they are too big (the kids are now) Some great work!! If you ever start making bows, let me know!!!

Jenny C said...

1.Life as A. Snell (because it's gifts for all times of life. Brand it girl!

Jill said...

1. Snell Shell Creations

2. Baby Snell

3. Snell Baby Designs

4. Baby Love

So fun! Can't wait to buy your line when we have a baby!! :)

Crystal said...

Snell Personals

Baby Ally by Ashley

Family Cell by Ashely Snell

The Snells said...

These are great. Thanks and I am working on a decision

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