Saturday, April 9, 2011

So Supertabulous Saturday!

I am blessed and my heart is happy! This morning Ryan and I woke up and headed straight for the patio. After a cup of coffee, I made us pancakes and bacon! Ryan left for some truck repairs and I went out on a limb! I facebook'd Jenny C. to see if she wanted to come over for coffee! She showed up 30 minish later with her beautiful baby Kennedy Kate! It was delightful! I learned something...not to not invite someone over because it's last minute and not planned! It was such a sweet blessing that I would have missed out on if I wouldn't have asked! After she left we went for a forced run. I say forced because I was HORRIBLE this week; eating and working out wise. I let stress and busy'ness get the best of me! Needless to say I was not motivated at all! We decided it would be best to try a different neighborhood for a scenery change. We ended up at a park I am now in LOVE with. Stagecoach Park in Buda! Wow! If you haven't been there you need to go! Take your kids, friends, family...whoever. We for sure will be making that habit. The neat thing was we ran into the Stricklands! What a blessing. They gave us water and we got to visit for a while! Neat family!
After the run I went out another limb. Contacted our dear friends Matt and Erika! They instantly came and we were both blessed with a wonderful visit. We love them! Erika is my closet friend from college! We are fortunate that our husbands love each other as much as we do each other. We spent the whole afternoon on the patio. It felt GREAT! We talked about our crafting business and future plans. Ryan and Matt played guitar and we all sang!
You know it's been a good day when your husband hugs you in the kitchen and says "I love today and have enjoyed it very much!" Yes baby me too!


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