Thursday, June 2, 2011


  • Summer is here, Praise the Lord
  • I am now a 3rd grade teacher, rather than 5th
  • We leave very soon for our 8 day vacation in paradise
  • I have been getting up every morning (well at least 4 times a week) to run with my husband! Even though it's summer I want to keep it up. Getting up with him makes it easy :)! We cook breakfast, drink coffee, and have our quiet time. I couldn't ask for a better way to start the day!
  • I have been sewing like to come on the dress I am making for our trip!
  • I am reading 2 books: Quitter and Water for Elephants (I need to just pick one and finish it!)
  • I really want to write my own book, it's on my mind a lot but there are several ideas going on in my mind and I can't narrow it down!
  • I am getting ready to grow in my walk and break free from some bondage with Beth Moore's study at Jenny Childress's house!
  • I have not had to take an allergy pill the whole month of May! I feel such a difference taking Juice Plus and my energy level is way up!!! You really should check it out, you're worth it!
  • I have enjoyed hanging with friends and building our couple friendships!
  • My nephew came this past week and we went to Sea World! My favorite phrase was, "Ashwey what's Shampoo doing!" Sweet boy! I can't believe he is almost 3 years old!

Me, Lala, E, and Lish at the Round Rock Express game on Monday
Look at that devilish face....TROUBLE but oh so cute!


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