Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A sewing machine and a serger

I've been busy lately, but it's a good thing.
I made a dress that I posted on facebook thanks to the help of Angie Cole (a wonderful teacher who you should all go to her class at The Shops Above Memory Lane). I will be wearing it in Mexico! I have also been busy with onesies. Some I have remembered to take pictures of some I forgot! If you need a customized gift please let me know. I would love to create something for you!

sail boat, airplane, initial B
My dress, upside because I can't get it to flip!

The new serger that Ryan allowed me to buy! Huge sale!

My good ole sewing machine


Crystal said...

Love the dress. That is talent, if you can sew a dress, you are good! Can't wait to see pic of you in it while in Mexico!!! Have a blast!!!

Amanda said...

I too love the dress! That is a serious sewing machine! I'm in need of a new on, my hand me down kicked the bucket last year. Making and personalizing you own clothes is so cool, I love it!

Jenny C said...

Love the dress! I am so excited for you and Ryan! HAVE A BLAST and soak it all up!!

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