Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Nesting in FULL mode

I didn't really ever think it would happen like this...Just decide in brief moment that things need to change around this house. But that is what happened. Today. I ordered closet organizers and bought baskets to reorganize. I started with our bathroom. Here are the before pictures (and yes I am embarrassed I ever let it get this way):

After a little work and purging this is what I came up with to fix this mess of a bathroom!

Not perfect, but good enough!
More rooms to come!


Crystal said...

Honey, Most people do this. Life gets busy, and we let things get this way. Its the cycle of life and its clean home. This post just proves that A) you have courage to show realness and B) that you are down to earth. I love what you have done. One thing at at time.

Mrs. Walker said...

Looking good, Ashley!

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