Thursday, February 2, 2012

Waddle, Waddle, Shake it, Shake it

This momma is waddle waddlin’, while princess is shake shakin’ it! Holy Moly this girl can move! I amazed very day at how much more active she is becoming. I love it! I’ll be honest it is interfering with some much needed sleep! I can deal with that though because it is reassuring feeling her and knowing it’s all good in her hood! Last night was one of the sweetest preggo moments I’ve had. We laid down in bed and Ryan was talking to Aubree. He had his face on my belly and she kept kicking him in the cheek. He loved it. He decided we needed to sing to her (you may think it’s corny..I don’t). As we sang it felt as if she was directing us. Every limb was going crazy. Sister did not calm down at all! Every time I woke up to potty she was still going at it. Now I’m sure she was probably still during some parts of the time but it honestly didn’t feel like it. This made it extremely hard to get up this morning! I felt like I’d been hit by a freight train! I wouldn’t trade for anything and drank 2 cups of coffee to get me through the day! She also stuck her rear end out at us last night. Already a lil’ stinker! Today marks 32 weeks! 8 to go and I am running out of room! My ribs are crushed! I keep trying to figure out how this is going to last for 8 more weeks with all the growing she has left to do. It should be interesting!


Siahsmom said...

Love it! You're looking great, and I can't wait to meet Aubree! I have a feeling she and my little drama queen/ social butterfly will get along great!

Jenny said...

looking good mama!

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